Psalms of Grace


The Psalms you will read here are taken directly from the Old Testament, but have been adapted and edited to reflect the reality of God's Grace as has been in place since the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Suggested Method of Reading: There are thirty days in each month (February excepted). If you read five psalms a day beginning with the the current date, you would read through the Psalms in a month.

Begin with the current date and read the corresponding psalm. Then (using the drop down menu above) add 30 to that date and read that psalm. Keep adding 30 until you have read five psalms. For example, if today were the 7th of the month, you would read Psalm 7, 37, 67, 97 and 127.*

May God grant you the joyous blessings of doing this that I and others like you have found.

-- Paul Morris

*Tip: Psalm 119 is long. You may find it helpful to save it for the thirty-first day of the month.

Click here if you prefer to read the Psalms in sequence.

Adaptation from New International Version by Paul D. Morris, 2005